ASRS and AGVs are the key elements in automated warehousing.

They are used for storing and retrieving everything from books, pharmaceuticals and frozen foods to cars and bikes. Automated warehousing technology, evolved over many years, is increasingly quicker than many manual storage solutions.

It has become the standard for large-scale storage and distribution centres, while sophisticated materials handling solutions are common at airports and logistics centres around the globe.

Automated Parking Systems (APSs) such as robotic and puzzle parking have many characteristics in common with automated warehousing, however, they tend to be integrated into residential and commercial construction projects creating additional challenges to those of stand-alone facilities.

As well as saving space, Automated Parking Systems reduce operating overheads and therefore maximise profits. They are also proven in independent review to be more sustainable with benefits such as improved energy efficiency and less carbon emissions and light pollution.

Reliable technology and intelligent designs make APSs, ASRS and AGVs a viable alternative to more traditional forms of storage and parking.


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Puzzle Parking Systems

The short video below shows the basic principle of puzzle parking.

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