Kingfisher Technical Solutions (KTS) is a specialist consulting practice providing professional services to the property development and construction industries.

Our services are predominantly focused on the procurement and implementation of fully automated vehicle parking systems, or robotic systems as they are often referred to, and fully automated bicycle storage facilities.

These environmentally friendly and space efficient parking and storage solutions meet the needs of today's challenging construction projects. However, the myriad of suppliers and lack of standardisation can prove costly to developers and building owners if not guided through the procurement and implementation phases of a project.

Our commercial acumen is coupled with a wealth of knowledge, practical experience and technical expertise in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of fully automated parking systems. We add value through:

  • Diligent pre-qualification process
  • Creating a competitive tendering environment
  • Eliminating single source supply
  • Ethical and transparent tendering process
  • Concise tender evaluation reports

Driving costs down, ensuring conformity to industry standards and increasing the long-term operation of any system are just some of the benefits our services deliver. Ultimately we increase the quality of your final product and mitigate your risk of project failure.

More information available on our downloads page.

Colin Barksby CMILT MIET
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